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About EAA

In May of 2001 16 alpaca breeders in New York came together to create a very successful alpaca showcase they called the Empire Alpaca Extravaganza. Farms came from all over the Northeast to... read more >

Empire Fiber Project

We need your fleece!

The Empire Fiber Project is a unique project and member benefit. Member farms can donate prime fiber, preferably white, lights, blacks and/or gray to the yarn project.  Your donation will allow members to purchase finished products at a below wholesale price.


Member farms that choose not to donate to the project,  but wish to still purchase finished products, are able to do so at a wholesale rate with no minimum.    Non-member farms may also purchase fiber at the wholesale price with a minimum purchase order requirement.

Why Contribute to the Empire Fiber Project?

  • Contributing fiber is a great way to make your fiber go farther.
  • You can buy back product at wholesale cost (or below).
  • We do all the leg work for you and you can pick the products you like.
  • If you have a limited number of animals on your farm, you can expand your offerings to your customers.
  • A great way to clean out your barn or garage.
  • You can help EAA continue to be the affiliate who gives back to it’s membership while promoting the alpaca fiber industry.


For more information please contact Theresa Jewell at 585-750-9332 or jherzog1@rochester.rr.com