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In May of 2001 16 alpaca breeders in New York came together to create a very successful alpaca showcase they called the Empire Alpaca Extravaganza. Farms came from all over the Northeast to... read more >

Fiber Committee


The fiber committee is an important part of EAA, as we are yet another avenue to help each farm get information for the best option for their fiber.

The fiber committee will be working on creating a list of different avenues for farms and will be listed on the website soon.


The fiber committee has gotten the bids for an EAA exclusive sock project!


To participate in the sock project you must

1.  Be a current EAA member

2.  Donate a minimum of 10 lb of brown grade 3 fiber to the sock project.  To do this, simply send 10 lb of brown, grade 3 fiber to NEAFP clearly marked EAA sock project no later then June 6, 2016.

3.  Socks will be available at the 2016 Showtacular for sale, for donating members, wholesale and retail.







For more information contact

Leslie Jorritsma 607-868-5401, EAA Yarn Committee Liaison,

or any board member.