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Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Awesome Mayan PrincessWhiteFull PeruvianProven15Sold 
 BABB FionaWhiteFull PeruvianProven14Sold 
 TWF Peruvian CarlitosWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 TWF Peruvian CarmenMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 TWF Peruvian CatalinaMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 TWF Peruvian CervezaWhiteFull PeruvianProven3Sold 
 TWF Peruvian ChandyWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 TWF Peruvian CiaraMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 TWF Peruvian Creme BruleeWhiteFull PeruvianProven10Sold 
 TWF Peruvian EmpyreWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 TWF Peruvian GiadaLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 TWF Peruvian IgnitionBeigeFull PeruvianUnproven4Sold 
 TWF Peruvian LuchadorBeigeFull PeruvianUnproven4Sold 
 TWF Peruvian McGregorWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 TWF Peruvian ModeloWhiteFull PeruvianProven4Sold 
 TWF Peruvian My MariaWhiteFull PeruvianProven7Sold 
 TWF Peruvian Party GirlWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven3Sold 
 TWF Peruvian RieslingWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 TWF Peruvian RyanneWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 TWF Peruvian SarafinaMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven5Sold 
 TWF Peruvian TempestWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven4Sold 
 TWF Peruvian The LevitatorWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 TWF Peruvian TransformationWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 TWF Peruvian TrekWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven3Sold